My work schedule changed and it meant not being able to do BJJ nearly as often as I’d like. So today I told my instructor I could no longer train there. I learned a lot there, and I made some very good friends, but ultimately, I needed something more compatible with my schedule. Note to self, add “compatible with my schedule” to my article about what I want/need in a BJJ school. Thankfully everything ended on very good terms.

For now I am a ronin.

I’ve decided that for at least two weeks I will be going from school to school to find the right fit. Perhaps for a month. If I find a school that looks like it might be a good fit, I want to come back a few times before making up my mind. Whichever school I settle at I want to be at for a VERY long time.

So for October, look for some articles about the schools I visit! 🙂