This last week I attended Ignite: Boulder 33.

Hello from Boulder!

Hello from Boulder, Colorado!

It was a series of 5 minute presentations, each one featuring 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. It’s similar to Pecha Kucha presentations, which I had seen at educational seminars. At Ignite, there were around 20 or so presenters, with subjects ranging from why robots would never take your job, to pursuing your dreams, to the war in Syria, to an intersexed person addressing the pope about marriage. It was all over the map, and I started to think: what would I want to do a presentation on?

Jiu Jitsu, of course. But what subtopic? It got me thinking about different ideas, and I came up with a few that I thought would be interesting to non-jiu jitsu people, as well as be visually interesting:

In any case, it was an interesting thought experiment, and one I will be developing throughout the year. I like the idea of fully fleshing out a few ideas for presentations and putting them on here, maybe even recording them on YouTube, or even presenting one at the next Ignite!

The presentation by the Intersexed person really inspired me and reminded me of why I started my blog. To paraphrase Cecelia McDonald, when we are brave enough to share who we are, it emboldens other people to share who they are. It reminded me so much of this For Better or for Worse comic strip:

Used with permission from . THANK YOU!

Used with permission from . THANK YOU!

I saw that comic back in 1990 when it was first published. I adopted it as a core belief system and drew heavily on it when I started in jiu jitsu.  I knew that if other people saw an overweight, older, foreign woman doing jiu jitsu, they would probably feel a lot better about themselves, and it was a role I was absolutely fine taking. By sharing my experiences, I help encourage others to share.

I was inspired by Ignite Boulder. Watching that presentation reminded me of why I started this blog. It reminded me that this is important to me, and I don’t want it to die. To that end, I have enlisted my accountability partner, Jayne Fury. My aim is to publish every Monday. She and I will chat on Tuesdays, and check in one more time at the end of the week, then Monday morning it goes up. I do very well with accountability partners, and I’m excited to start putting back into the blog.

Jiu Jiu’s Questions: If YOU were to do a five minute presentation on jiu jitsu (or whatever your sport is), what you YOU focus on? What do you think would be interesting to listen to? What are some topics you’d be interested in hearing/seeing me do a presentation on? If you’ve been to an Ignite presentation, what inspired you?