I went to BJJ today–my second day in a row since the second week in September. It kills me. Let’s analyze my pattern:

So as you can see, I immediately fell in love with BJJ.  The last week of June/first week of July was the only time I ever went 5 times in a week. I rolled over on my wrist on July 14 and it has taken…until NOW to heal. Ugh. Nearly 5 months. My tournament was on Saturday, July 17. The armbar I lost to also hurt me for around 4 months. It hurt so bad I could literally not move my arm without crying the first day. It took nearly a week for me to get around 90% range of motion. If I hyper extend my arm now I can still feel where it twinges. So, injuries kept me off the mat the last part of July.

Sporadic training in August, but my passion was renewed in time for my trip to Ukraine. The training the first two weeks was in Zhytomyr and Kyiv. The 10th is when I returned to my BJJ gym. There was a big ball of BJJ drama dropped in my lap and I really took it hard, only returning to my gym once.

October is when I started going to Jiu Jitsu world, but a combination of a friend leaving, still feeling upset over the BJJ drama, and getting sick, you can see what’s been going on.

I’m going strong so far. My passion is renewed. These past two days are the only times I’ve been this month, but I’m really excited about it again. I can’t wait to go back on Monday. My hope is to go 3-4 times next week.

So, what does YOUR BJJ calendar look like? Do you even keep track? I feel a bit like a marshmallow right now. A beat up, hurting marshmallow. I can’t wait to get the finger calluses, the bruised up legs, and even the mat burn. Bring it!

I’ll report back in a few months so you can keep me honest 😀