And now back to your regularly scheduled posts. This last week I got sick YET again. Plus, it’s a holiday in Korea, so no BJJ this week. Sigh.

Last week we announced we were having belt testings on Feb 8. My instructor asked me how long I’d been training. I let him know that I will never be upset that I’m not “progressing” based on a timeline. My honest feelings are that none of this comes easy to me.

This took me 4 times (or more!) longer to climb this wall than anyone in our group.

I’ve never been an athletic person. I’ve always been stocky, heavy, easily winded, not so flexible, etc. I’m not so bodily aware and I’m clumsy. Sincerely–my partners will sometimes be practicing a move with me and I’ll just fall over. Dear Santa, please give me a base for Christmas! πŸ™‚

In other words, I actively struggle. Nothing in BJJ will be given to me–I will earn every stripe with blood, sweat and tears. And I’m okay with that. I didn’t come in with dreams of earning a gold in the mundials. The fact that I’m trucking my way over to the gym 3-6 times per week is the reason why I’m doing it, not the number of stripes on my belt or even the color of my belt.

Me celebrating! I made it up this ledge and took time to dance! πŸ™‚

BJJ is nothing like TKD. When I was in TKD I almost earned a black belt. 0_O Seriously? To progress, I had to memorize moves, forms, and break pieces of wood. In many ways I feel that in TKD the belts indicate how much time you’ve put into it rather than true skill level. So I’d put in my time, but didn’t necessarily have the skill I would have equated with an upper belt.

So my question to you: how easy is BJJ for you? Is it a constant struggle for you? Do certain things come easy for you? Am I just like everyone else? If BJJ is a mountain, how easy is your climb? Because I feel like I have to earn every single fingerhold and am recording progress by millimeters. But I’m enjoying the climb and I take time to dance when I get to the next ledge!