First off, CONGRATULATIONS to both New Girl AND Susan for winning January’s comment contest. It wasn’t terribly hard, either! Only 6 comments each! Georgette won the prize for top referrer, with 97 folks finding their way to me via her site. Thank you!

New Girl, Susan, Georgette – please check your inbox. I will give instructions on how you can redeem your prize! A free issue of Groundworks Magazine! Thank you again SO MUCH to Groundworks for sponsoring January’s commenting contest!

Right now starts February’s comment contest.

February’s Prize: OK Kimonos Spats!

This month we are sponsored by OK Kimonos, home of the returnable kids gis, and origin of the cutest tigers in the world. They kindly donated a pair of Tora spats as a prize for this month’s contest! Tora spats are hands down my favorite spats to wear to nogi because of the wonderful fit. They retail $59 for adults, or $40 for kids, but you can win a pair HERE!

I love my tiger spats!

I love my tiger spats!


How Can I Win a Free Pair of Tora Spats?

Easy! Just comment to win! The person at the end of the month who has commented the most will win a free pair of spats. As the goal is contributing to a discussion based community, comments amounting to Facebook “likes” or Google Plus +1’s will not be counted toward the totals.  In the case of a tie, I will look at the quality of comments and choose based on that.

Heck, if you had left 7 comments in January, you would have won outright!

Win by Contributing to a Fantastic BJJ Discussion Space!

You guys make this site great, and this contest helps make it even better.

  • To enter the comment contest: comment directly on blog posts on or reply to comments.
  • Any article on with comments enabled is eligible for this contest.
  • Comments should further the conversation as opposed to being a +1 or “like”.
  • Suggestion: Subscribe to articles you respond to so you can read replies!
  • The person with the highest number of “content” comments will receive a free pair of Tora Spats, generously donated by Ok Kimonos!
  • The deadline is midnight February 28, 2014, Seoul time. 10:00 am EST for the US folks.

My hope is that February will have an even better turn out than January. If you’ve not commented before, please make sure to read the comment policy (the golden rule is: play nice!). If you’re delurking, your first comment(s) will be in the moderation queue and I will have to manually approve them. Once you’ve been approved, your comments are auto-approved. Enjoy, discuss, and good luck!

Jiu Jiu’s Question: Did you find that January’s contest encouraged you to get more involved? What topics might you be interested in seeing or discussing in February?