I am stunned! For the first time in the 2 years since starting my jiu jitsu blog my traffic hit over 1000 views in one day! 1163 to be precise! To give you an idea of how special that is to me, prior to this week, I’d only hit over 400 views twice in the last 2 years. So this was a HUGE surprise. I definitely credit two of my articles going up on Reddit for the first time, but to the 300 who regularly visit me daily, a huge thank you to you guys for reading, commenting, and making my blog a place I absolutely love to visit.

I’m not an artist, but I have fun drawing. I also love coloring. So this is my fun little BJJ artwork as a THANK YOU!

Jiu Jiu's thank you message in art form

Oh look – it’s my jiu jitsu “artwork” – that’s me – overjoyed, and my cat, who doesn’t give a crap. Sadly, that sweet, bright blue gi only exists in my head right now.

Thank you thank you thank you!