What did you do?

Below lie Wonder Woman boots. Yes, I mix and match character costumes

I dressed as Wonder Girl and went out with a friend. I was pain free and on SOME pain medication, so I’m absolutely sure the drinks I had were a bad idea, but I had a great time. I went country western dancing, played darts with cute guys, talked to a few Korean guys about fitness, and chatted with Russian speaking hookers in Itaewon. Met some new gals and had food with them and then called our friends at 5am to please please pick us up.

I was NOT in the red light district 🙂

Over on JiuJitsunista she posted a poll asking if people wore their gi for Halloween. I’ll prompt you to go over, fill out her poll, then come back and share pictures of what you DID wear, even if it was your gi 🙂 and then tell about your evening!