I’m registering for this! I’m still waiting for my credit card to arrive so I can officially do it, but dang it, I will be there! I’m going to be registering for both gi and nogi. I’m terribly excited about it. I’m also not expecting to do well, but that’s okay!

I’ll be doing both gi and nogi, in both the division and in the absolute. So that will make 4 matches minimum, even if I lose each one. Not too bad for $90 (preregistration fee), as opposed to the two matches that I did that cost me $100 in Korea. Ah well.

I’m excited to meet other women in BJJ! This includes CLinzy, who I have “known” for years on jiujitsuforums.com!

I’m planning to sign up for the Middle category. The women’s divisions are as such:

  • Super Feather: Up to 113.50
  • Feather: 113.6 – 124.5
  • Light: 124.6 – 135.5
  • Middle: 135.6 – 147.0
  • Medium Heavy: 147.1 – 158.0
  • Heavy: Over 158.0

Over the past year I’ve been holding steady at 147-150 lbs (67-68 kg), and with my normal walking weight, I would just need to lose about 2 lbs to make the middle weight. However, I have been on vacation for the past week and a half, and in that short, short time, I have gained. I stepped on the scale today and it said 160.6. What the what?


It was decided that my boyfriend and I would both be aiming to lose the 15 lbs before the tournament. Honestly, a lot of mine is temporary, and I’ve found that that comes off a LOT faster than slowly-gained weight.

What it does mean is I’m aiming for 30-50 carbs per day. Lots of unrefined foods, no drinkable calories, no dairy, no white carbs, no sweeteners, and even (gasp) no fruit. It’s terribly healthy, though overall not long term sustainable, but I do think it’s what my body has needed. I’ve been looking to break through that plateau, but it’s hard, and stagnation sets in, and you start to get somewhat frustrated.

This is how I feel about health and weight loss. Sigh.

This is how I feel about health and weight loss. Sigh.


A huge thank you to Beta Academy for letting me train there twice this past week! I had a really great time. I’ll put up a stand alone thank-you tomorrow with pics, but wanted to put up a blurb to say THANK YOU and that you guys were awesome!

Starting this week, I will be training at Jiu Jitsu Institute with Ben Eaton. I’m really excited to meet everyone, and so far, even just over the Internet I have felt very welcome! If you train there or are near Yorktown, Virginia, let’s try to roll before I go!


I’m in Virginia for a month! I’ll be leaving to go back to Korea on August 20th, and until then, I’ll mostly be staying in Virginia with my boyfriend. We visited Washington DC this past weekend, and unfortunately I was out in the sun a bit too long. 🙁

Ouch! No training for me today! Hopefully it will be better tomorrow.

Ouch! No training for me today! Hopefully it will be better tomorrow.

I also had a chance to visit my family the week before. It was really nice seeing all of them, and it was such a shocker that the three houses I stayed at all had chickens. Weird!

Bock bock bock.

Wearing my “Drill to Win” John Frankl Competition Team hoodie.

Jiu Jiu’s Question: What are you up to this summer? Any fitness plans? If you have a favorite low-carb recipe, please post it below (not just ANY low-carb – your PERSONAL favorite!). Please let me know if you’re registering for Grapplemania, or training at or near Jiu Jitsu Institute, or if you can stop by. Let’s meet and/or roll! HELLO AMERICA, IT’S NICE TO BE HERE!