Fringe is going on a trip to India and leaving next week. I went into class to see her and say hello, though I’m still a bit sick, so I stayed in my coat during the visit. I MISS JIU JITSU!

R was there–he of the Pron Pants (intentional LEET speak, Seymour! :)). What are Pron Pants? Well, a friend of ours is huge; I could wear him as a suit. R is tiny; he could wear me as a suit. R is the proud owner of our mutual friend’s gi, and he wears it with pride. Last week he and I were rolling, and he got me in his guard with his legs wrapped around me. I sit up, intending to grab his gi pants near his crotch–a STANDARD move–except that I got a handful of thigh. DOPE! R’s pant leg had fallen all the way up to his waist and his entire leg was exposed. Ack! 🙂

Poor guys–their gis came ALL THE WAY OFF! 😉

That was when I realized my own pants were in danger of falling off–they were hanging halfway down my butt. o_O I quickly tied them up.

And earlier in the class, I’d done some incorrect move with Fringe, my own version of Spider guard–let’s call it Retarded Spider Guard, and my foot went inside her gi, under her armpit. So picture it–I am holding her sleeve with my hand, my foot is inside her gi in the armpit–she moves and it removes her gi halfway, leaving her in her t-shirt. I call that the Strip BJJ move. 😀 She started laughing and said “Julia, I’M SHY!” and covered herself. It was pretty hilarious.

I’ve also learned not to take off my rash guard in front of people–one time after class I realized I’d had a…falling out with my sports bra. 😀

What gi mishaps have you seen or been involved with? There were some FUNNY stories on Jiu Jitsu forums.

Okay now THIS is a serious gi mishap. How does this even happen?

I have two asides to add here:

1. I’ve decided to participate in’s PostAWeek challenge. Though my particular personal challenge is 3 per week (and YES! this post is 3!), so it SHOULD be more than just one post per week.

2. Seymour Seymour Seymour. I’ve been called out. From now on when I find a spelling mistake on his blog, I get 1 point. If he finds one, he gets 3 points. We’re not dealing with grammar whatsoever or he’d already have tapped :D. Joking joking joking. 🙂 We’re ignoring American vs non-American English (ha!), Internetz slangz, lolcatspeak, intentional misspellings for the lulz, etc. He’s keeping tally on his journal. So far, after his “sentance” debacle, he’s cleaned up his act. But just know that the eagle-eye of Julia Johansen will be watching your blog like a hawk, and I’ll crow when I find any mistakes. I’ll be that albatross around your neck until you chicken out on me, Seymour!

(Okay, I REALLY wanted to fit more bird idioms in there, but I’ll duck out for now).

HAPPY 2011!