Today was an exciting day. I figured out something that works well for my body type. BJJ is all about understanding your body type and what moves do and don’t do well, figuring that out and then using it to your advantage!

So to continue a spanning-2-blogs post here and here, here is my body type:

Here I am! ๐Ÿ™‚

Yep, I’m like a trusty hippo, wearing my awesome Fenom gi. I am not putting down my body at all, but the fact, is, I’m heavy, wide, and short. My legs are thick like a hippo, but they’re also strong.

So today we were practicing triangles and I couldn’t for the life of me close it. We tried several ways and it just wasn’t working. My partner was really big, my legs were thick and short, and I am just not very flexible.

My partner showed me a reverse triangle. AMAZING! I could actually get it to mostly work! It was really exciting!

That’s one thing I love about BJJ–looking at your body in new ways. A hippo is not the most flexible creature on earth, but it’s actually one of the deadliest. I like having a game where I’m using my weight and size to my advantage: side control. I’m heavy and short to the ground and it really works for me.

Hooray for hippos! ๐Ÿ™‚ What body type are you? Figure it out, draw it, and email it to Seymour and he’ll post it for you on his blog!