I have a photo challenge! Your challenge is to post a copy or link to your FAVORITE BJJ photo of yourself! Will you accept the challenge? If you don’t have any awesome pictures, I challenge you to take some!

Barney accepted, will you?

After a year of BJJ I finally did it. I cut my hair. I’ve posted hair posts before, and over the last year I’ve lamented about how gross my hair was on the mats, how annoying on days I’ve forgotten my hair band, I’ve had chunks of my hair literally ripped out when a partner had their knee on it, and I’ve successfully defended my neck with it. heh.

Here’s the normal version:

Dry, sweat-free hair!

Here’s the post-BJJ version. SIMPLY AMAZING! I didn’t need a hair band, it didn’t get stuck under a knee, I could see at all times, even when it was in my face. IT WAS AWESOME.

Post BJJ, full of my and other people's sweat. Ick, but totally cute!

And finally–my very favorite BJJ pic of me. I love how the gi looks in this picture. It’s subtle, it’s sexy, it’s messy, and my hair and lips look awesome. I love this picture.

So pretty!!!

I want to get some nice BJJ photos taken. It would be so amazing to get a professional photographer into our gym and have him take oodles of pics for us! 🙂 So until I get a better one taken, this is my favorite, followed by this:


So, PICSPAM ME! Post your FAVORITE BJJ pics of you either as images or as links (images preferred!). Show off your ugly/pretty mug and show off a bit! If you don’t post pictures of yourself, picspam me with your very favorite BJJ  photos!  Your comments might get marked as spam, but never fear, I’ll un-spam them post-haste!

Also, OMG MY HAIR IS SO TOTALLY CUTE! [insert annoying squeal here]

Edited to add: to make a picture show up it needs to be on the internet, then you copy & paste the url and put it into this formula: <img src=”yourbeautifulpicture.jpg”>