Last week I got a bit whiny about only doing BJJ one day that week. I think my words were “COMPLETE FAIL”. It’s possible I’m prone to hyperbole, but then again, hyperbole is the BEST THING EVER!

It got me thinking about an oldie but a goodie as far as blog posts go – Meerkatsu’s The BJJ Frequency-Spousal Happiness Slide Scale.

Made by Meerkatsu – click on the pic to read his article! He’s tops!

Now, to clarify, I have no spouse, I have no boyfriend, I have no best friends here, I have one friend I see once per week, I usually don’t go out. I am in serious danger of being a crazy cat lady who posts videos of her adorable Ukrainian cat on Flickr.

Crap. I have no life.

However, I do have BJJ. So that makes things all better, right? I’m in a relationship with BJJ, when it comes right down to it. I wish I could train 7 days per week, but I’m a bit past my prime, and frankly, I need some mental down time as well. It can be emotionally tough to go to work, immediately go to BJJ, stay there until 9-10, come home, do laundry, repeat. I need a date with my couch on occasion.

no life? do all the jiu jitsu

Yeah – I made that. Jiu Jiu. Because that’s what crazy bjj ladies do.

But still. I have no life. This means BJJ IS my life. If it isn’t, I start feeling like a loser who only works and then sits home watching Leverage and posting pictures of her cat on Instagram. So I used Meerkatsu’s graphic as inspiration and came up with this:

Made by JIU JIU!

Please note that I am being silly. Sort of. What I mean is – if I am not doing BJJ AND I have few friends, no relationship and stay home with my cat, I feel like a loser. When I do BJJ 4-5 times per week I feel like I can point at that and say “SEE, I HAVE NO TIME FOR A HOT DUDE WHO WOULD PROBABLY TREAT ME LIKE AN ICE CREAM PRINCESS AND WOULD SPOON FEED ME BLUEBERRIES WITH COCONUT MILK AND RUN HIS FINGERS THROUGH MY HAIR. ONLY TIME FOR BJJ!” Make sense?

So last week I scored super high on the loser scale. This week – I plan to be at GOOD – perhaps at GREAT! Okay stop staring at me! I’d rather be a crazy jiu jitsu lady than a crazy cat lady who dresses up her cats in weird outfits. Hmmm I need one of these shirts:

Which scale do you operate on? The spousal/WAG/BAH scale? Or the “I’m a loser if I DON’T do BJJ scale?” Or – make up your own scale! And more importantly – where are you right now on that scale? Edited to add: The REAL question is – does doing a lot of jiu jitsu interfere with your life or does it give you a life?

P.S. don’t forget to read Meerkatsu’s The BJJ Frequency-Spousal Happiness Slide Scale.