Jiujitsu World will be hosting a CAIO TERRA seminar on Apr 14-15 (Sat-Sun). Yes, it has been confirmed!

Everyone is welcome to attend. The seminar will be held at the Jiujitsu World Academy near Yeoksam Station (directions below).

Saturday will be a gi seminar starting at 3:00 PM, and last at least 3 hours. Sunday will be a nogi seminar starting at 2:00 PM, and also last at least 3 hours.

Pricing will be tiered as follows:
If you register and pay by
Mar 25-31: W70,000 1 day, W80,000 2 days
Apr 1-7: W80,000 1 day, W90,000 2 days
Apr 8-13: W90,000 1 day, W100,000 2 days
Apr 14: W120,000 for both days

Please send payment to Duek Young Jang (장덕영)
Kookmin Bank 004401-04-034132, and send him a text message or leave a message here.

Caio Terra is a World Black Belt Champion, 4x World No Gi Champion, 4x Mundial Silver medalist and PanAm Gold Medalist, in addition to winning many other tournaments.

In addition to being a champion, he is well known for being a small, technical guy, with a super mean half guard.


Ciao Terra won a gold medal at the 2011 Pan Jiu Jitsu Championships and said this gem:
I came here because I wanted to show everybody that technique can beat the steroids.


Directions: Yeoksam station on the Green (2) line. Exit 6, walk forward. At the first light take a left – there’s a KFC on the corner. Take the first right, around a big brown building called Done Zone. Then, take the first left, at the big coffee shop. We’re in the building on the right – you’ll see a sign on the door. Go down to the basement and there we are!

Hope to see you there! And hey – if you’re someone who has corresponded with me, I might be able to supply you with some crash space, but BE AWARE – I have a kitty who wears the Cone of Shame right now.