Wow. Just wow. I am so excited and humbled that in less than 3 years, my blog has reached over 150,000 views, 200 likes, and 3,002 comments!! To be fair I think I left just shy of 1,500 of those. ^_^

This is what WordPress gives you when you pass 200 likes!

Yay 200+ likes!

I couldn’t have done it without you. It’s so terribly exciting to me when someone sees me for the first time and says “Hey, I read your blog” or asks “Are you Jiu Jiu?” I always wonder how people found me, I’m always grateful when someone adds me, I’m thrilled when people engage in conversation with me through my blog, and I’m always terribly excited that people keep reading and responding!

So here’s my thank you – a “postcard” I created for my readers. Thank you for reading, liking, and responding.



The background picture is my gym. From left to right are: a Korean cream cake, Buddha statues, Korean Red Devils from the World Cup, kimchi, and the ceiling of a temple. I took all the photos myself and put it all together. Enjoy!

Thank you again for being part of my amazing jiu jitsu journey! And if you like my posts, hit the “like” at the top, or subscribe! ^_^