The King of Grappling tournament is in 10 days and I’m not ready! Curses! I am still missing a gameplan, which is my goal in the next 3 days. I wonder if any of you guys will be there! Please come say hi to me if you are!!

I nearly made my goal of 15 days in jiu jitsu this past month. I got to 15 classes over a period of 14 days. Unfortunately this week I had a medical condition that came up and is finally recovered, so I’ll be heading back to class tonight. Still, not at all bad!

I love Streaks!

I love Streaks!

In any case, I’m not dreading the King of Grappling tournament. I’m looking forward to it. They have some prizes for the women posted now – there’s a $50 gift certificate for the Isami store, and a $150 boil and bite mouth guard. Whatever happens, I’m going to do my best. I don’t expect to win if I go up against someone with more tournament and nogi experience, but I also don’t expect to do poorly. Ultimately I feel like I CAN win, but as it is my first tournament, I don’t EXPECT to win.

I mentioned that I rarely do nogi. I decided to record myself and put it up for everyone to see. I remember when I first recorded myself and put up a video of me rolling. It felt EMBARRASSING. Now, not so much.

The guy in the video is also a blue belt, and I think he’s around 10 lbs heavier than me. The magical grappling spats are by Pony Club Grappling Gear. Slideyfoot did a marvelous review of them on his site. Yes, I make some dumb mistakes (“Would you like me to gift wrap my back for you? No? Okay, you can just have it.”), but watching it didn’t pain me like it used to.


If you watch, I would really love to hear some positive feedback. I already know many of the mistakes I made, and at this point would like to know at which points, in nogi, does it look like I’m doing fair to middling.

What is your gameplan for nogi tournaments? I would sincerely love to hear more about gameplans. Mine is lacking existence.