When someone goes to a tournament and they are the only person in their division, they are given a gold medal. However, when asked “How did you do at the tournament?” the answer is not so simple.

“I didn’t compete” – well, you signed up! It’s not your fault!”I got a gold” – sort of, but that sounds false!
“No one else signed up” – okay, that’s fair.

But all these take up precious seconds that could be used to practice chokes on random passersby. And it’s too easy to sound bitter or disappointed or any other weird emotion.

The "No. 1" stands for "No 1 else came"

The “No. 1” stands for “No 1 else came”

I suggest we adopt the term “Highlander Medal.” It will be used to indicate when you are the only one who signed up or showed up in your division. There are no caveats or explanations when you are asked how you did at the tournament. “I got a Highlander Medal.” People then know a) you signed up and showed up with the intention of competing b) no other people showed up c) no other explanation is necessary!! Added bonus: it’s geeky as hell!


I’ll be you’re wondering how I did in the tournament. I’m glad you asked! I got a Highlander medal for the women’s division. I hereby declare myself Queen of Grappling.

The only woman at a King of Grappling even IS the queen, right?

The only woman at a King of Grappling event IS the queen, right?

What do you think? Can this catch on? Have you ever earned a Highlander Medal?