Happy Chuseok from Korea! Chuseok is a Korean holiday that gives people 5 days off in a row. It’s often described as a “Korean Thanksgiving.” At my school we dressed up in hanboks, traditional Korean costumes, and made some Korean toys.

Me with my baby monkeys!

Me with my babies!

On to the BJJ stuff!

1. I’m going to the Asia Open! I bought a plane ticket and today I’m processing my request for an IBJJF membership, then signing up for the tournament. SL invited me and I was happy to take her up on it!

2. I’m getting OK Kimono’s spats! Yay for all the tigers! These things are so dope looking. I can’t wait for them to arrive! Readers can get a discount by entering the code jiujiubjj during check out!

I NEED TO GET ALL THE TIGERS!!! (Thanks Brendan!)

I NEED TO GET ALL THE TIGERS!!! (Thanks Brendan!)

3.  I have a brand spankin’ new logo! I haven’t yet put it on the site – I’ll get that up this week, but I have started using it online! I commissioned Meerkatsu to create my logo. I described it as a sort of old-school heart tattoo with a ribbon that says MOM, only instead of the ribbon it’s a bjj belt. I love what he came up with! And yes, I have one for each level through black.

jiujiubjj.com logo

It’s perfect!! I love it!

4. I have a new BJJ friend! She’s a blue belt from California and she’ll be in Korea for 3 months. It’s really cool to meet another woman my belt level and who I share a common language with. She’s training in the John Frankl network, so we can easily train together, too!

Jiu Jiu’s question: what are you most excited about recently? Anything good happen with you?