This last week I had the opportunity to roll with a new-to-me purple belt. This guy has one of my favorite rolling styles for an upper belt – it was slow and methodical, without using much strength or speed. I don’t often get these types of rolls, but when I do, I appreciate them to my core.

This style of rolling, rolling , is a style I definitely want to learn. It seems to be a style that doesn’t so much show off the person’s skill – it’s neither flashy nor showy, but it reveals your weaknesses. Specifically, they capitalize on the holes in your game and it’s a kind way to show you that you are off balance, your grip is poor, you have no base, etc.

It’s something I learn well from, and I when I get swept or tipped over it makes me laugh and smile rather than feel frustrated. I walk away from that roll and feel like I can concretely grasp specific weaknesses rather than just feeling overwhelmed by my inadequacies.

Do you like this style of rolling? Can you do it? I know I can’t, yet, but it’s something to work toward. Occasionally I’ll be able to do it with a slow rolling white belt, but when they’re going hard and fast I absolutely can’t.