I have been caught in a terrible trap. Stop me if you’ve heard this before:

  • I’ll do jiu jitsu when I’ve lost more weight.
  • I’ll do jiu jitsu once I’m in better shape.
  • I’ll do jiu jitsu after I move.

Ah those conditional clauses. I’ve found that they tend to be wonderfully convenient, best-intentions, excuses. They’re my mental blocks as to why I’m not doing jiu jitsu right now. They’re much better than this one: “Well, if I go to jiu jitsu on Monday, it’ll be hard to find a parking spot when I come home.” Unfortunately, that came out of my mouth last night. My husband said “Really?? THAT’S your reason to NOT do jiu jitsu? Parking?”

Perhaps Dr Horrible has our solutions. The world is a mess. He just wants to rule it.

My status quo right now = not doing jiu jitsu

The reality is, it’s easy to keep the status quo. It’s easy to continue what you’re doing. If you’re doing a lot of jiu jitsu, it’s easy to keep doing it. If you’re not doing it, it’s easy to keep not doing it. Right now: not doing jiu jitsu > doing jiu jitsu.

In 2016 I can count the number of times I’ve done jiu jitsu on one hand. I’m a rock that is not rolling. There is no momentum. A tiny bit of momentum will move me a little, but not get me rolling. What I need to do is build that momentum. The conditional clause that has been my great excuse to not do jiu jitsu: “I’ll start doing jiu jitsu after I move.” Husband and I are moving to Huntsville, Alabama this fall. That’s like another 6 months of not-doing-jiu-jitsu excuses right there!

Thankfully, I started visiting a welcoming little gym in Virginia Beach, VA. The black belt, Diego, has been actively encouraging me to come to his class. Here was our recent exchange:

I am full of all the excuses

I am full of all the excuses

I will not lie. There is part of my brain that is seeking permission to NOT do jiu jitsu. I throw out excuses like “difficult parking,” “being sore,” “it takes 45 minutes to get there,” “I can start after I move” because on some level I want the people close to me to say “I totally get it.” Unfortunately they all know me, and they see right through my bullshit and call me on it. Sigh. I went to BJJ on Saturday, now I need to keep that momentum, but I won’t lie – it’s hard right now.

Jiu Jiu’s Question: What’s your status quo right now? Active? Lazy? What lame excuses have you been relying on to not be healthy lately?