It’s nice to be back! I’m getting more excited about blogging again. Work feels a bit like I’m the Titanic and I just hit an iceberg – and I’ll slowly be sinking for the next 9 weeks. Please expect me to implode by the end of the semester.

There are a lot of new folks who have found my blog, so I wanted to share a little bit about me, then encourage you to share, too, especially if you haven’t commented before!


I found BJJ when I was 33. I had already lost a good deal of weight, and I was looking to add some physical exercise that had a social element. I had been a professional, nerdy couch-sitter before BJJ. Turns out that jiu jitsu and I were star crossed lovers who finally connected, and I’ve been faithful since. I have a much longer “Why I Started Doing BJJ”  post that you are welcome to read!


Jiu jitsu has really taught me a lot about myself. For me, it’s about persevering when things are difficult. It’s about doing something you love even when you’re terrible at it. It’s also about helping reach out to people around me. I have friends in my life who I never would have met, and I have an appreciation for things I used to hate. My life is so completely different than it was before jiu jitsu – it’s almost like old-me was replaced with evil, alternate universe Jiu Jiu.

NOW it's clear that I'm the Mirror Universe Jiu Jiu!

NOW it’s clear that I’m the Mirror Universe Jiu Jiu!


Blog  I am so proud of the community this blog has brought together. I really love coming here and connecting with folks. People are kind to one another, and it really is a positive comment-space. I hope you keep sharing and hope you keep commenting!

School  I’m currently at Queen of Jiu Jitsu with Heejin Lee. I have another four months in Korea, and I’m excited to have the opportunity to study with her! When I move to Virginia next year, I’ll be at Jiu Jitsu Institute, and I could not be happier! I trained there for a month this summer, and Ben Eaton was so welcoming and awesome. I’m excited to train with him!

Jiu Jiu’s Question: What’s your story? I’d love to hear your abbreviated BJJ story, how jiu jitsu has impacted your life, and I’d love you to tell about your awesome blog and/or school!