Ralek has released a 15 minute video explaining his sexist comments about women and Metamoris.


Fifteen minutes, not a single apology. A ton of “This was taken out of context,” “Read the original article,” “We actually WANT women at Metamoris,” and “That was not my intention,” but not a single “sorry.”

My favorite was him saying that he was glad that he created this sexist problems because the #supportwomenbjj came out of that. I guess you could argue that bullshit literally helps plants grow, but it doesn’t make it anything but bullshit.


I made a thing! Share share share!

I made a thing! Share share share!

My second favorite was him complaining that gyms were watching Metamoris together and taking away money that Metamoris deserves.

Thank you to MaggieMoo for bringing this to my attention!!

Jiu Jiu’s Question: Why doesn’t someone take the microphone from Ralek? Did he win you over? Do you believe his original quote or think that he’s SO EXCITED about women in jiu jitsu?