It’s fun to peek at which search terms are driving folks to – without further ado, here are the ones for the past month! Please feel free to add any links or comments!

1. a. Am I too old to start jiu jitsu?
b. BJJ concerns for older adults starting out.

You are definitely not too old! Flossie has some great advice about starting in her golden years, and the comments on the article about starting BJJ later in life are really positive!

2. How common are women in no gi bjj?

I don’t actually have stats for this. Perhaps some of our tourney folks can help answer this? I’ll put out the Bat Signal on my Facebook.

3. Ideas for bjj school name

It seems like you can’t go wrong with one of the following:

  1. An animal
  2. A name of a person
  3. A “Gentle” word: Art, Flow, Gentle
  4. An “Aggressive” word: Fight, Submission, Cage, Defense

Put it all together, and you’re golden.  Jiu Jiu’s Gentle Tiger Submission Academy. If you’d like to use this name, I insist on no less than 30% of the profits, or a one time payment of $30,000. This is GOLD!

4. Stuck at blue belt bjj

Me too, friend. Me too. I’m not that worried about it right now, but once I am, step one is to discuss things with your instructor. Not in a “OMG WHY AM I STUCK AT BLUE” confrontational way, or whining about it, but in a way that you would approach a college professor for tips on passing the midterm – “What do I need to know, what are my weaknesses, and what should I be working on?”

5. How does being well endowed affect your jiu jitsu?

This is actually a super awesome topic. Any busty ladies willing to write this article for my blog? PHRASING, LANA!! Admin’s note: Watch more Archer.

While I no longer am well endowed, I was when I started my journey. First, your boobs do get in the way. Sometimes it gets in the way of someone’s knee or elbow as they’re trying to move it from your hip to your armpit. Sometimes your boobs help defend your armpit, and then there’s the “oops, my boob caught your elbow” pains.

What am I missing?

6. My bjj instructor doesn’t want to train with me, I’m a female

Your instructor is a douche. Find someone who wants BOTH your money and your business. That’s a HUGE red flag when your instructor won’t roll with you and/or doesn’t want to train with you.

7. Why jiu jitsu makes you frustrated

We have all been there. Everyone has frustration stories. Mine is when I get caught up in the “shoulds.” “I should be able to do this by now.” “I shouldn’t be submitted this easily!” My brain wants to write checks that my body can’t cash. Admin note: that was awesome.

Sometimes it’s due to frequent injuries. We put our bodies in weird positions. Stuff happens. As my doctor friend said: it’s not about if you’re going to get hurt, it’s about when you get hurt. My question is: are you heading back too soon after an initial injury?

8. Who was the first women in Korea to become a black belt?

If you’re talking about Jiu Jitsu, it’s Heejin Lee!

9. Can I wear makeup to my jiu jitsu class?

Do you want to be a douche who gets makeup all over your partner? Sure! But really, don’t do it! BJJ is close contact, and your face is going to mash all over their gi, rubbing makeup off. Please be considerate and take off the makeup.

10. Jiu jitsu men hot

Yes they are! No sexy pics here, though.

JiuJiu’s Question: Anything to add here? Any anecdotes about frustration, being well endowed, makeup on your gi, etc?