HELLO FROM VIRGINIA! The last few weeks of January were spent packing, seeing friends for the last time, then my fiance came and helped me pack, we visited Jeju Island, mailed 23 boxes to America, then finally flew to America on January 31.

Bye bye, Korea! I will miss you!!

Bye bye, Korea! I will miss you!!

Now I am getting settled in, but we will move apartments one more time in March – that way it is OUR apartment, rather than his apartment that I’ve moved into.

I am so backed up in my blogging. Last semester wiped me out. I covered 3 of my pregnant coworker’s writing classes, which gave me so many more hours of work per week than I thought I was doing (seriously – 60 extra students x every paper x number of minutes grading). I don’t recommend this. In any case, I was just exhausted and barely did jiu jitsu at all, and did no blogging. Sometimes life has to take priority.

I’m starting BJJ this week at Jiu Jitsu Institute in Yorktown, Virginia. The really odd coincidence: I’ll be training with a gal I met in Korea! Maggie Moo, who also blogs about BJJ, and just recently got her blue belt! CONGRATS!!

I trained at Jiu Jitsu Institute all last summer, and I had SUCH a wonderful experience! I have been remiss in my blogging, and have not yet written about it, though I did do a google plus review of it.

Now, however, I am jobless, and I have the availability to blog again. I want to give a preview of what will be coming up. Some of these are LONG OVERDUE reviews:

  • 100kg gi review
  • First Fight comic book by Bryan Brown
  • Cool zippered pouches by BlueBeltBaby
  • Gym info: Jiu Jitsu Institute
  • Gym info: Queen of Jiu Jitsu

I also have several discussion articles that have been sitting, half finished, for several months. However, for those of you still checking in, HELLO! I miss you all! Here is your chance to put in your ideas! In any case, it’s nice to be back!!!

Jiu Jiu’s Question: What topics are you interested in me writing about? Feel free to put anything out there regarding jiu jitsu (or loosely based on that). If you’d like to do it more privately, you can message me at julia@jiujiubjj.com!