I missed you guys! I was running around getting married and doing the honeymoon thing! I was looking up some Buffy images for an article and didn’t want all these bad boys to go to waste! I was inspired by both Chelsea and Maggie Moo‘s gif posts, so I thought I’d try my hand at them. Enjoy!

When you start rolling with someone you literally just met:

When you’re rolling, your belt comes untied, and you toss it aside:

When someone’s sweat drips into your mouth:

When you’re shown how to maintain mount for the first time:

The entire first week you’re learning jiu jitsu:

The first time you actually pull off a submission:

When you start rolling you’re fresh, but your partner is drenched in sweat:

When your partner has you in North-South:

When you get stuck underneath heavy side control:

How I think I look when I ask someone to roll:

When you realize you’ve got way too many gis and you just bought one more:

How I feel when my friends share videos of HORRIBLE jiu-jitsu accidents:

My reaction when my armbar escapes don’t work against my professor:

When I can’t understand how to do the technique correctly:

When I attempt to pull off a submission against a higher belt and it goes horribly wrong:

My explanation to the white belt about not choking someone in their guard:

Okay, hope you enjoyed this. I have a text-heavy post to be put out in a day or two, and a review that is nearly ready. Cheers!

Jiu-Jiu’s Question: Any Buffy fans here? Any Buffy reaction gifs you want to add to this list? Leave them in the comments!