These are the top 5 BJJ things I currently think are super sexy. These things give me instant crushes on someone’s BJJ skills. Is that even possible? To have a crush on someone’s jiu jitsu? Well it’s true for me!

1. Chokes
Nothing quite like a solid rear naked choke or a really firm cross collar choke. They’re exciting and fun! I prefer an arterial choke, but I do love Ezekiel Chokes!

See that, AWESOME! I’m getting choked by a pregnant lady!

2. Hooks
A nice, tight butterfly guard, a really great hook in my leg, I LOVE IT. For non-BJJ people, this is when your feet are at a 90 degree angle and they have your leg or arm caught in it and just won’t let go.

See his left foot at the 90 degree angle–HOT!

3. A long sprawl
When those BJJers sprawl ALL the way out and have all their weight on their tippy toes and are doing essentially a super long pushup–it’s very exciting to watch.

The best sprawl is when all the weight is on their TOES. SEXAY!

4. Knee on Belly
Especially when that posted leg is stretched out straight. Oh man I fall in love.

Look at that–he looks like he should be feeding himself grapes or something

5. A Clean Sweep
I’m talking those sweeps that are easy, clean, and that take me right over. Not the ones where I feel like a sack of potatoes, but ones where I feel like I’m flying and I get set down all gentle-like. It’s like my partner has swept my heart away with their jiu jitsu skills.

Doesn’t that just look like fun?

6. BONUS! BJJ humor
I REALLY wish I could embed this, but please please please click on the link (it will open in a separate window). You will NOT be disappointed. CHEESE PIZZA, BITCHES!

So what do YOU find sexy in BJJ?** Oh crap–just realized that most people who do BJJ are men, and most of their partners are men. This was not meant to be a female only post. How about–what aspects of BJJ would YOU find sexy if your preferred gender partner did it?

**Please do not post pictures of girls in bikinis giving each other the rear naked choke. That’s what google is for.