These videos are hilarious on their own, even better when you know the back story.

There’s a thread over on Jiu Jitsu Forums called Questionable Black Belt in Cary NC (Review of Paredes BJJ)

In it, there’s a “BJJ black belt” who had created his own “hybrid style” martial art. He’d even created some sketchy instructional videos that he posted on Facebook. These were brought to light, and they were so bad that one of our forum members made some parody videos.

I laughed so hard I cried. It’s so perfectly over the top and absolutely ridiculous – I can’t even.

“Now as you can see, from his stance and gloves, my opponent is a UFC style fighter. Possibly a Strikeforce style – I can’t quite see his gloves well enough to tell.” hahaha “It’s called a fireman’s carry because it looks like I’m carrying a kitty that I rescued out of a tree.” Omg I’m dying.

Then there’s a follow up. Notice that his white belt partner gets promoted all the way up to red belt within 5 minutes. He teaches techniques that are “too real” to use. This focuses on the “Fiddy/Fiddy Guard” omg so hilarious! This is one of my favorite comments: The only reason that solid near side americana didnt work at the end was because jeff was already a red belt by that point. Red belt defence you no can match.

Seriously – the best thing since Hollywood BJJ‘s hilarious “move of the day” videos!

Please tell me you guys know of more BJJ humor videos. I already know about Sean Flanery’s other hilarious videos, the Bubba Gracie video and “G in a Gi” so please link to OTHER humor videos. ^_^