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Triin wrote a great article on the Fenom: Lessons Learned in Five Years Part I . I had no idea that Fenom started less than a year before I began doing BJJ.


Fenom was the first gi I ever owned. Triin was responsive, and I loved her customer service. I’ve ended up with a ton more gis in my rotation, but currently don’t own a Fenom now that I’m a much smaller size. I appreciate that it’s a company that caters to a niche market within BJJ – it’s wonderfully refreshing! Note to self: get a Fenom when I move back to America!

The article is very interesting! It shares some insight into the BJJ gi market, other BJJ gi companies, and talks about the five years in terms of the “white belt” years, the “blue belt” years, etc. It’s accessible, even if you know nothing about business.

Many companies go under since the brand-new-business-excuse cannot be used forever. Making a hundred gis and calling it “limited edition” has its charm until every other company tries to do the same thing. The fluctuating product quality, uncertainty of dealing with vendors thousands of miles away, and cash flow problems can send any company spiralling downward, no matter how cool their products look. Very often you can’t tell if it is a real business, or one of the fantoms trying to make a quick buck promising the moon and the stars, then disappearing, and re-appearing under a new name weeks later.

I can’t wait to read part two (or three, or four, or five!)

Jiu Jiu’s Question: Please share a positive Fenom story! Triin peeks in here now and again, so it’s a fun way to support the company! Tell about your Fenom gi, your interaction with the company, the products, etc.