Hey folks! It’s so common to read and not comment, and it TOTALLY doesn’t help that I haven’t posted a lot of discussion friendly topics lately, so let’s chat!

New Readers? Introduce yourself! Tell where/how often you train, how did you find us? What do you like about jiu jitsu? Let us welcome you with kind words and sentiments! Are you having any challenges right now? Maybe we can help!

Long-time Reader? Tell about this month! What has your training or your diet been like this month? What are you currently loving about jiu jitsu this month? Any challenges for you? What are some cool/controversial blog articles you read this month?


Training: I’ve been teaching 2 beginner classes per week. I’ve been having an ongoing physical issue, so aside from learning the new curriculum and teaching it, I’m not on the mats. It makes me saaaad. Hopefully all will be well soon. Last week I started up again with Weightlifting. I can’t keep away.

Don’t leave me JiuJiu, I will be good to you, Ill make you a stronger person than you already are. I know i will.

your friend 4ever,

Diet: It is frelling awesome right now! Mr. Jiu Jiu and I are on the Slow Carb diet by Tim Ferriss. I’m 100% compliant! I’m on a 1700 calorie eating plan. 6 days per week I have zero dairy, sugar, fruit, flour, or rice. One day a week I get whatever the heck I want. This usually means drowning in ice cream and candy. I’m down to 151 this week. It’s been a healthy, solid life change that we are implementing. The one big concern I have is about calcium and fiber. Even with all the veggies we haven’t been hitting those nutrient goals, so I started taking a multi. Long term I might end up with a cup of Greek yogurt or kefir daily to keep up that calcium. That feels better to me than taking a pill, but we shall see.

Interwebs: Wow! I was invited by Sylvie to participate in a women’s only online forum. You may remember her from some of her AMAZING discussions about gender and muay thai in Thailand – the “Playing to Type” article. While the online forum is technically muay thai, Sylvie said:

This space is unique as only women can read & write there (each is hand cleared). Technically, it’s a Muay Thai forum, but as you’ll see the conversations are very deep, and reflect basic training experiences of women. The Women’s Only forum is evolving into a much more experiential conversation in all fighting arts. in fact, if you know other BJJ women who train & would like be a part, please do invite them! A lot of this is just women fairly isolated in their gyms and training, coming together and connecting, sharing.

Jiu Jiu’s Question: How YOU doin?