Whenever I see things on Facebook, I immediately relate it back to jiu jitsu. Call it the curse of single-mindedness.

I tend to be all about the power of positive self talk. I believe in being kind to yourself, not being too rough on yourself for sucking, and changing negative phrases, such as “I don’t have time” into positive ones “I choose (not) to do A because I want B.” When I came across this poster by  National Association of School Psychologists, I immediately applied it to jiu jitsu. It works.

A great visual from  National Association of School Psychologists!

From National Association of School Psychologists!

I know that even before reading this, I had been saying “It’s not that it’s impossible – it’s that I’m missing a step.” I also realized – it’s not that I’m bad – it’s that I’m not training very much.

Jiu Jiu’s Question: Which of these negative phrases can you turn into positive ones in your own life? Which are you “guilty” of? Had you already transformed some of these into your brain?