I’ve been thinking of ways of creating more community here on JiuJiuBJJ.com and what that means. Part of it is getting folks to engage more. We have amazing folks who comment here, and the goal is to foster even more of that. I’d also like to encourage some lurkers to come out and say hello. I’ve seen various contests go on, where the number of participants is high, but the engagement is low. That is cool for getting the word out, but not cool for helping build community, where engagement needs to be higher.

In order to foster more positive community, I’m running a comment/referral contest through January, sponsored by GroundWork Magazine.

Participate in discussions on jiujiubjj.com for a chance to win Groundwork Magazine’s first issue

The top commenter will win an issue of Groundwork Magazine. Comment on articles or reply to other people’s comments throughout January. The person with the most comments at the end of January will win. These can be on old or new posts – no comment thread is too old to resurrect! And if you’ve already participated, CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve been entered to win!

At the end of the month I will look through comment summaries from those with the highest number of comments. I’ll then sift through, looking for those who helped progress the discussion, contributed to the conversation, helped out folks, added their experience or perspective. Comments that amount to Facebook “likes” or Google “+1″s will be ineligible, as the goal is to encourage contribution in a jiu jitsu discussion community.

tl;dr: Highest number of content-rich comments in January will win.

Link to jiujiubjj.com on your blog to win as well

The top referrer will also win an issue of Groundwork Magazine. This counts only for blogs, not for larger forums or aggregate sites – sorry, but for the ease of tracking, I will be looking for individual blogs. So if you see a cool article here and decide to write about it on your site, link to my article to be in the running. You’re helping build the blogging community by continuing the discussion on your site, and I’d like to support that – it’s what this contest is all about.

Caveat: abusive blogs will not be eligible.

January’s Prize: Groundwork Magazine

January’s contest is sponsored by Groundwork, which is run by a blue-belt woman in jiu jitsu. It’s a community sourced magazine, featuring voices from the community, interesting articles, nice photos, and zero ads. The woman heading it up is the voice behind Tangled Triangle, and she does a lot to help encourage community in jiu jitsu as well, so this was a nice partnership.

I wrote an article in Book 1 about my Jiu Jitsu Journey. It was really cool to read in print. Megan sent me a copy of the magazine and I was really impressed. Meerkatsu did a review of an earlier edition – different name, same content. I enjoyed it, and will be writing my own review later next week.

Never fear, if you already have this copy, Megan has promised that you will be shipped a fresh copy of Book 2 as soon as it is available.

You can win this magazine

I’m asking you to be involved

Do you enjoy reading the comments on this blog? Do you enjoy having wonderful conversations about jiu jitsu? Then participate (more)! Be involved in adding to a wonderful discussion community, and win a prize while you’re at it.

If you subscribe by email, remember to visit the site, read the comment threads, and leave your own replies!

Subscribe to conversations you’re interested in following – they often keep going long after the fact. In general, I’ve found that people enjoy conversations where they feel heard. I know I dislike leaving comments and finding them completely unanswered or ignored – maybe you’re the same way.


  • To enter the comment contest: comment directly on blog posts on jiujiubjj.com or reply to comments.
  • Comments should further the conversation as opposed to being a +1 or “like”.
  • Any article on jiujiubjj.com with open comments is eligible for this contest.
  • The person with the highest number of “content” comments will receive a free issue of GroundWork magazine, graciously donated by http://groundworkbjj.com
  • To enter the referrer contest: link to my blog on your blog – either to the main site or to individual articles.
  • The blog with the highest number of referrals will receive a free issue of GroundWork magazine, graciously donated by http://groundworkbjj.com
  • The deadline is January 31, 2014. Please note that I am in Seoul and will only consider comments/referrals that posted through January 31, 2014 my time.
  • Comments and referrals already posted in January 2014 also count!

I’m really excited to see the results of this contest. If you’ve not commented before, please make sure to read the comment policy (the golden rule is: play nice!). If you’re delurking, your first comment(s) will be in the moderation queue and I will have to manually approve them. Once you’ve been approved, your comments are auto-approved. Remember: with great power comes great responsibility!