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My friend, Jayne Fury, introduced me to Bullet Journaling. I looked into it in the past, but I wasn’t totally sold until I saw someone post one of their goal pages. It inspired me and I jumped in, two feet first.

Mid-composing my BJJ goal page

Mid-composing my Jiu Jiu BJJ goal page in my new bullet journal!

Last year, starting around August, I began regularly attending BJJ classes with Diego Bispo at MAMMA’s Boys. I attended roughly 8 classes per month – 2 every week. I decided at the end of the year that, consistency achieved, I wanted to add 2 classes per month, bringing my grand total to 10 per month. That’s completely doable.

It’s already affected me. I missed Monday, January 9 because it was the last day my dad was in town, and I missed Monday, January 16 because I was recovering from a cold. This puts me at 4 for the month. In the next 13 days I need to hit 6 classes. Yipes. I can go on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, and Monday. Whew. It’s doable. Had I not put that down on paper, I really would have missed my goal.

In the past, I used an app called Streaks, but it has disappeared into the aether. (ps. Did I really go that often – I hit 14 classes that summer in 2013!Β Being single + having no social life makes doing jiu jitsu a lot easier!

Yes, there’s a bullet journal blogging goal page in my near future as well. πŸ™‚

Jiu Jiu’s Question: Do you bullet journal? How has it helped you keep your health and fitness goals? How else do you track your jiu jitsu? Please feel free to link to your journal or post a pic of it here! (Please don’t spam me, random bullet-journaler!).