I just came across this newbie BJJ-blog, Fighting Butterbee, and it hooked me! What a fun site. It’s by a 30-something year old nerdy gal in Australia who is a black sash in Kung Fu and white belt with 3 stripes in BJJ. Hehehe – she’s another SavageKitsune! ^_^

What initially impressed me most about her blog was the art. Amazingly cute! With her permission, here’s one I loved:

I LOVE THIS ARTWORK SO MUCH!!!! And also it’s how I feel about nogi

She started the blog in March 2013, and in those 5 weeks has put out 1-2 articles per week. I like her writing style as well – she’s a short gal who writes about difficulties she has faced, and joys she has experienced. There’s a strong personality to the blog, and I already subscribed. Here’s a post I liked – her observation on the differences between training striking and training grappling.

Go check her out and say hello!