So this last week I have been up until as late as 5am blogging about jiu jitsu. I will admit I have missed practice due to too much blogging. Last night I was up until 3am writing another blog post and as I went to bed I thought UGH – too tired for jiu jitsu tomorrow. I powered through and went to class anyway, but that’s what inspired this. My meme generator guy (everyone should have a guy) is Brendan from I sent him the text – he then popped these out. Feel free to spread around the interwebs!

stayed up all night bjj blogging too tired to go train bjj meme motifake

This is how I felt this morning. Ah sigh.

Here’s the question I ask myself on weeks when I have little to no training in:

bjj blogger y u no train bjj meme motifake

For the times I blog AND train:

Exhausted at practice today wrote 9 bjj related blog posts last night meme motifake

Go to class – don’t be like this douche.

Has the most popular bjj blog on the internet always too tired to go to practice meme motifake

Gene Wilder and I both judge you when you don’t go to class.

you're too tired to go to practice today please tell me how you stayed up all night blogging about bjj gene wilder meme motifake

I never get enough of the judgmental Gene Wilder.

Hehehehe – any more that you know of? Post below!