Great things from the he BJJ blogging community from  January 27-February 2. 

Great Blog Posts

Meerkatsu shared his drawing process for drawing a horse in celebration of the Lunar New Year! Happy Year of the Horse, everyone! I really love seeing an artist’s process.

Chelsea wrote a good article called “Hey ladies, your training is important too” in which she wrote that even the worst white belt deserves their training.

Hooray! Part 2 is up of “Jiu Jitsu and Aspergers pt 2 – It Fits” by Nicholle. It’s interesting, and she’s promised to continue writing about this aspect of her jiu jitsu life.

My favorite ex-pat blogging out of Japan wrote another great article about dealing with uncomfortable interactions with male teammates, called “Sausage-fest, part II.”

Great Comments

Wow. You guys STUNNED me with the amount of feedback and love toward OK Kimonos! Apparently you guys really want to win a free pair of OK Kimonos spats – and really like that company. Last month the winner only had 6 comments in the entire 30 days. In the past 3 days the top person currently has 9. Way to go!

Etali is in the lead right now, and she’s left some very interesting comments! Welcome to the community! Your voice is very welcome here!

The “Pros and Cons of Dating a Teammate” really took off and there are some stellar conversations going on in there!

To the Fat Person Googling Jiu Jitsu” still has wonderful comments going on over there! If you ARE looking for a great way to further a discussion, you can absolutely engage with folks over there, and give them your own story.

Finally, “PSA: One Locker Room” got hit with some interesting new comments.

Don’t Forget!

Throughout February I am having a comment and referral contest. The prize is a free pair of spats (size of your choice) donated by OK! Kimonos! You can win simply by commenting the most this month. A small reminder that quality is king, so in the spirit of the blog, please remember that the goal is to further the discussion – add your perspective, not simply leave the most one-liner Reddit style comments.

By the way, you can help show OK! Kimonos your appreciation for their products, customer service, or their sponsorship of my February comment contest by liking them on Instagram or on liking them on Facebook! They’re a great company doing great things! Please let them know you saw them on!

Omg the cute! It burns!

Omg the cute! It burns! How can you not “like” them!?

Jiu Jiu’s Question: What other stellar articles are happening on the Internet? Any other cool conversations going on blogs or forums that I might have missed?