Articles I’ve seen in the BJJ blogging community in the past week, January 20-26. Note: I’ll be on vacation this week – Thursday and Friday, so lots of blog articles will be posted! 
Great Blog Posts
An article from called Jiu Jitsu and Aspergers pt 1 – My Aspergers. I’m really excited to read part 2!

I have really been enjoying Sylvie’s writings on – it’s the only training blog I actually enjoy following due to her clear writing style.

Great Comments

Malcolm stopped by to let me know that the graphic about Why Girls Should Do BJJ was taken from an artist called Mariste. Her work is great – you should go check her out and “like” her page! ARTISTIC THEFT IS WRONG – DON’T REMOVE COPYRIGHTS, FOLKS! DON’T SLAP YOUR GRAPHIC OVER SOMEONE ELSE’S WORK!

Don’t Forget!

Throughout January I am having a comment and referral contest. The prize is an issue of Groundwork Magazine! You can win simply by commenting the most this month, or by linking to my articles most! Check out the details here.

Jiu Jiu’s Question: Anything else really cool that I might have missed?