Maldonado and Schultz Acquitted in New Year’s Eve Rape Case: What Happened Here?

Warning: Rape triggers

Thank you Reddit, for pointing me to this article. It is all about the Maldonado and Schultz case. Most of my information on this had been through Georgette, and this was another take on it, also rounding up info from her blog.

Not guilty does not always mean innocent.

I remember hearing about the New Years Eve rape case. I was horrified. I cried when I read the report. The basics are: a young woman got very drunk on NYE, asked her teammates to take her home, and instead they gang raped her in a garage and left her on the ground.

I don’t generally talk about rape culture and sexual assault on my blog – usually it’s on my Facebook site. One article that is well worth reading is So you’re tired of hearing about Rape Culture.

Rape culture is when a group of athletes rape a young girl, and the mainstream media laments the fact that their “promising futures” have been dashed by their crimes – as though THEY are the victims.

The original article about Maldonado and Schultz quoted Aaron France, an instructor and BJJ black belt:

So if we were to look at Maldonado’s behavior, put criminal implications aside and give him the benefit of the doubt, here’s the best thing we can say about him… He had sex with a woman who was intoxicated to the point where she could not walk, and afterwards he treated her like a piece of trash, by leaving her half naked on the cement floor of a parking garage, in the middle of the night, when it was barely above freezing.”

People need to watch out for each other. Even if it was consensual, wild, crazy, garage sex and all parties wanted it (which I don’t for a second believe), you don’t leave your sex partners half naked in a freezing cold garage, especially when they can’t even stand up afterward. Human beings are not a one time use coffee cup that you throw on the ground after you finish using.

Josh Hall goes on to say:

I can say with confidence that the actions of Maldonado and Schultz this past New Year’s Eve were morally deplorable (even if not found to be illegal), and I will vocally boycott any gym that has anything to do with either man.

Yes, yes, yes.

My personal suggestion: if you hear about a rape and things come out of your mouth like, “But he’s such a nice guy” or “Look at how she was dressed” or any variations on those themes, please remember – it’s about an act. It’s about what they did, not who they are. And in the case of the victim – it’s about what happened to her.

JiuJiu’s Question: if your gym decided to allow Maldonado or Schultz to join and train with you, what would your reaction be?