I came across this article and wanted to share it. I’ve decided to start sharing more articles I think you’ll find interesting. It’s called “How Long It Takes to Get a Black Belt,” written by a Gracie Barra black belt over on the Aesopian BJJ blog.

I wrote about this a while back in a humorous manner, but this is done in a much more serious, statistical way with things like actual timelines included, not just ones I made up because they were fun. I SUPPOSE that one could be considered more reliable, but it’s not nearly as fun. /hehehe

How long it takes to get a black belt in BJJ

This is my black belt of awesomeness.

I will also have you know that I was right on the money with my gut feeling graph.

Right now I’m sitting on:  white belt: 1 year, blue belt: 2 years and counting. What’s your timeline so far?