There is an alarming thief out there who only steals trousers from women in BJJ. My hope is that this thief can be apprehended. So far, there have been several reported sightings. Please read carefully and help apprehend this perpetrator!

The pants pirate was first noted in Mata Leon’s gi ad.


Shana Lee also was a victim of the clothing crook – he stole her bottoms and her rash guard! Thankfully she was given a Hello Kitty dress because she was left with only her undies and a gi top.

The Hello Kitty makes this safe for work!

Hello Kitty makes this safe for work!

The knickers knick-er has been known to strike POC and lower belts as well.

Photo available on Storm Kimono's download page

Photo available on Storm Kimono’s download page

This woman was left stranded by the bottoms bandit on a beach with no trousers.


Tracey Goodell was also on the beach when the britches burglar struck:

tracey goodell

Kyra Gracie was a victim of the pants pilferer and thankfully the Grape Ape, Daniel Strauss helped raise awareness of the heinous slacks-stealer.

Dan Straus does a Kyra

Unfortunately, the thief even struck in Seoul. Wonder Woman felt ashamed that this happened, but felt a lot better knowing she wasn’t the first victim. Sources say Jiu Jiu was horrified because it happened in her own home.

WW has the most awesome rashie I've seen.

WW has the most awesome rashie I’ve seen.

Conspiracy theorists speculate it could also be a bitter sambo enthusiast or someone  from OK Kimonos or Pony Club Grappling Gear as a method to sell more spats. These reports are terribly inconclusive. There was also a pants thief spotted in a tavern long ago, but his victim was a lone man, and reports are that this man was killed in a terrible gaming tragedy.


Our sketch artist at Fighting Butterbee was kind enough to create a sketch of this trouser taker.

Thank you to the marvelous FIGHTING BUTTERBEE for making this sketch!

Thank you to the marvelous FIGHTING BUTTERBEE for making this sketch!

For your own safety, authorities at recommend you DO NOT approach or confront him at any time, and instead comment below. Additionally, it is wise not to engage with this man on Facebook to confront him, for you may be called “ugly” or “lesbian,” told to “be cool, bro” or “stfu and trane.”

constant vigilance

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of this thief, please comment below. Let’s bring him to justice! This is a problem that must be addressed.  But for now, CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!