Huge thanks to SharkGirl for pointing out this first video to me!

Jean Machado shows how you can protect your Halloween candy using Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

There’s something we should discuss – and that’s Halloween costumes. While it may be tempting to go out dressed in your gi, I’m sorry to break this to you, but it’s lame.

Here’s my Halloween costume from this year. I was NOT dressed as a martial arts person, but I did find a guy dressed as Stephan-Kesting-wearing-a-Mister-Clean costume. Sincerely it was the most awesome costume within a costume I’d ever seen.

Jiu Jiu as Starbuck with Mister Clean

Please don’t break my spirit by telling me I’m wrong.

In case you need some other Halloween costume ideas, I’ve rounded up a few for you:


Rex from Rex Kwon Do   BOW TO YOUR SENSEI! Break the wrist and walk away.

Master Ken from Enter the Dojo  Jiu Jitsu? BULL$HIT. Ameri-do-tae? PERFECT.

Random UFC Fighter:

Big Fat Steven Seagal:

Somewhat skinnier Steven Seagal:

Or our patron hero himself: Chuck Norris

What did you decide to dress as for Halloween? Did I miss any obvious ones that are fairly stereotype free (Sorry, no Mister Miyagi). Please feel free to link to your Halloween blog post here!