Part 8 of 21 improvements BJJ has had on my life. This was inspired by Tangled Triangle: 21 Days of Improvement. You can read my Part 7 here!

8/21 Improvements from BJJ: Meeting amazing women!

“These athletes serve as role models. Women need role models. They need to see other women in leadership roles that excelled in sport. It is through these role models that younger women develop a healthy understanding of their own potential.” – Donna Lopiano, former Executive Director of the Women’s Sports Foundation

There are so many incredible women that, before doing jiu jitsu, I’d had no awareness of. These are women who have triumphed in the face of adversity, who had succeeded in male dominated sports, and who have stuck with it. They are incredible, and I have access to them. It’s like this poster done by BJJ Brick, only with women.

A cool fact about BJJ

This is even more true for women in BJJ. The really cool thing is that a lot of these top women care about helping support women in jiu jitsu. Kyra Gracie runs women’s only BJJ camps, Emily Kwok and Val Worthington run a women’s grappling camp, and there are so many opportunities to meet and train with these fantastic women. I get so excited to connect with amazing women – world champions, “firsts” such as Heejin Lee, and even the blue belts who toil away at training – the mothers, the bloggers, the older women. These are fantastic women and I’m blessed to have them in my life.

Honestly, this is why I love reading BJJ women’s blogs and having them submit their stories to me. I collect these stories and they inspire me. So a huge thank you to these women in the BJJ limelight – you inspire me and you serve as a role model, but you are accessible to me and are a real person, and that’s really cool.

Jiu Jiu’s Question: Which amazing women have you met in BJJ?