Part 7 of 21 improvements BJJ has had on my life. This was inspired by Tangled Triangle: 21 Days of Improvement. You can read my Part 6 here!

7/21 Improvements from BJJ: The importance of habits!

Good habits are worth being fanatical about. —John Irving

I mentioned my evil inner voice, Sally. What Sally and BJJ have taught me are that getting into the habit of doing something is more important than the momentary desire to do it. We do things that are important to us, even when we don’t want to right at that moment. For example, I don’t want to go to work every day, but I do it. I don’t enjoy the process of getting to BJJ class, but I am always happy when I get there.

This idea that it’s not about wanting to go, but about getting into a habit of going was revolutionary to me. There are loads of healthy habits that are good to ingrain in us – like flossing and meditating and taking showers. We may not want to do it right at that moment, but by going through the motions we build good habits.

In jiu jitsu, it feels like the number one most important thing is to get to class. By just going, I found that I’m now a senior student because I outlasted everyone else. Amazing.

Jiu Jiu’s Question: What habits have you formed since starting your healthy lifestyle? What bad habits do you have?