Part 20 of 21 improvements BJJ has had on my life. I am ready for it to be finished! This series was inspired by Tangled Triangle: 21 Days of Improvement. You can read my Part 18 here!

20/21 Improvements from BJJ:  Efficiency

Especially compared to black belts, white belts move inefficiently and ineffectively. I realized that after three and a half years of doing jiu jitsu, I am more efficient in my movements, and in a way that is more effective as well.

For example, go lay down in the middle of your bed. Then get up.

How did you get up?

Did you sit up, straight backed? Or did you hip escape?


When I carry things, I use jiu jitsu grips, when carrying a bag on my arm, I reach up and grab my collar for extra support.

Overall I’ve noticed that the higher belts use less energy, less movement, to achieve a better result. Often time it seems like they’re only one step away from a thing that looked so far away. I’m really excited that I’m gaining that type of effectiveness in motion in my life. Maximum results, minimal energy. The only real downside is that your jiu jitsu sparring sessions stop being so great for burning calories because you’re not moving as much!

I’ll be doing technical standups when I’m an old lady, and I’ll be hip escaping out of bed while other old ladies are breaking their hips. Those motions are efficient!

Jiu Jiu’s Question: How have you seen this efficiency manifest in your own life or training?