Okay, so it’s possible I have a small addiction. My name is Julia and I’m a BJJ-holic.

I’m going to Ukraine and couldn’t bear to part with my lovely Fenom gi for two weeks. Couldn’t stand the thought of not getting to roll for two weeks. So I decided I was going to do BJJ in Ukraine. (And yes, it’s called “Ukraine,” not “the Ukraine.” It’s a country, not just an expanse of land).

Note it is UKRAINE and not THE Ukraine

Step 1: Googled BJJ+Ukraine came up with this thread, which led me to writing to “Anna-san”, a jiujitsoka in Kyiv. I asked her if there was any BJJ in Zhytomyr, the town I was in,  and she gave me some contact information.

Step 2: So I looked up how to say BJJ in Russian (БЖЖ), and I wrote to the contact Anna had given to me in Russian. I used the BJJ page from the Russian Wikipedia site to figure out how to say “white belt” (белая пояса) and “train” (обучаться). I mangled the grammar (mixed my cases!) but was very straight forward.

Step 3: Contacting my friends in Ukraine to clear part of my schedule for training BJJ.

Step 4: Contacting Anna again and getting the info about her Kyiv BJJ club.

So I’ll be training in Ukraine this week! The guy in the town I’ll be in is a Krav Maga instructor who is a white belt in BJJ. He does BJJ as a hobby, and there isn’t anyone higher than him in Zhytomyr, so they have a club, not a class. I figure minimum we’ll be able to drill and practice some moves like passing guard or some of the sweeps I’ve been working on in class.

Anton Farb, Krav Maga instructor, BJJ enthusiast!

My addiction, let me show you it.

Oh, and I’ll be wearing my gi top to the airport, as it’s a heavy item of clothing and want the room in my suitcase for gifts! 🙂 But hey–rollers gotta roll.