I always look at where my blog referrals are coming from. One recent one is from a gal whose blog is called “Ninja Swagger” and I was inspired by her most recent post, “30 before 30.” I’m 35, soon to be 36 in August, so I’ve modified it a bit and here’s my 10 in 10.

1. Spend at least 2 weeks in Brazil studying jiu jitsu.
2. Get my purple belt. (Hey, with a bad back, you shoot for long term goals)
3. Get down to 135 lbs.
4. Get a Princess Leia gold bikini and have a photo shoot. Hopefully from www.leiasmetalbikini.com, but it’s $400, so…there’s that.
5. Bench press my body weight.
6. Dead lift twice my body weight.
7. Publish a book.
8. Eat kobe beef.
9. Pay off (most of) my student loan debt.
10. Visit Thailand, Phillippines, Cambodia, and Vietnam.
11. BONUS: Completely move all my stuff out from my parents’ house.
[Added 11/4/12] 12. Teach jiu jitsu in a foreign language. I can say some basic things in Korean, but I’m working toward this goal!

What are some of your goals?