I envision this blog as a very public side of me (which is why it uses my real name). Things I intend to blog about here may include:

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I started doing BJJ on June 1, 2010. I caught the bug and I haven’t looked back. I was originally interested in it because I wanted to lose weight and get in shape, but it turns out I love it absolutely. There aren’t many women who do BJJ; and so I want to make sure my voice is public.

ESL/EFL/Teacher Training I am an English language professional. BA in English, MEd in TESOL, and a TESOL certificate. I did teacher trainings in Ukraine with Peace Corps, and I do them here in Korea. I love the idea of my former students/participants coming here to read about ideas for teaching and sharing ideas.

My life in general I moved to Korea in March 2010. It had been a dream of mine for years, and it is everything I could have imagined. I live in an apartment with a cranky Ukrainian cat named Miau-Miau. I got her in Ukraine and took her back to America and then on to Korea. She’s my baby and I love her dearly.

My darling fuzz baby

My darling fuzz baby

While I don’t like the idea of such an unfocused blog, I like the idea of having a place for family and friends to keep track of me, for my ideas to be (mostly) in one place, and even more so that I can track readers. Sadly, my blogspot account does not do this.

So here I am, Julia Johansen: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu-ka and English language professional. Let the games begin 🙂