So I realized recently that I TRY to facilitate discussion between my blog and you, the reader. I do that by thinking “what would people find interesting?” and by posing questions. In the last 10 posts, 9 posed questions for the reader (if you include this post, then technically the last 10 out of 10 posts posed questions).

Nope, NOT what I imagine when I ask questions

I also try to include pictures, sometimes chopping pictures together For Your Enjoyment ๐Ÿ™‚ I realized that pictures are INTERESTING! ๐Ÿ™‚

And, I try to write interesting things that anyone in BJJ can respond to. Clearly, as a white belt, I don’t have all the technical things to fall back on, and to be honest, those things can be hard to read. What I like to do is tell stories.

I also talk about jiu jitsu on Jiu Jitsu Forums, so I don’t blog about EVERYTHING. It makes me think a little more carefully about what what would be a GOOD blog post. My “Hey, I gave out free kimuras to the first five people in class today–where were you” update goes on Facebook, not my blog.

Also NOT how I picture our dialogs, but better than above

Here are some posts I’m very proud of:
“I’m not going to roll with you differently because you’re a girl”
“What do you need/want in a BJJ school?”
“A Cool Gi Trick I Learned”
“BJJ Tropes: Cauliflower Ear”
“Women and BJJ: Femininity”

So, free blog advertising time! Tell about YOUR blog! What do you try to do? What is your aim? Feel free to tell about your blog and even post some links to posts you’re particularly proud of OR that you feel are very representational of your blog.

PS: Your post may be flagged as SPAM if you have too many links. NEVER FEAR! I will unlock your comment!