I’ve been exclusively using WordPress.com or WordPress.org for a while now, and what I love about WP blogs is the ability to subscribe by email to the blog, or to subscribe to the comments on certain posts. I can’t figure this out with Blogspot.

I leave comments and then forget which article I commented on – I want to see responses, but I can’t remember where they are, or I just don’t think to check back. I also don’t know how to subscribe to these blogs.

Help me please! I want to read your blog. I want to comment. I want to see the interaction. How do I do it! I want this by email (if possible). I think there’s some RSS thing, but that is above my level of understanding.

One additional note: May I suggest that you enable the name/url option – often WP folks have issues logging in with their WP or OpenID. I love being able to enter my name/url.

JiuJiu’s note: there are a ton of great conversations that happen here – so it might be worth it to subscribe to a post or two if you want to continue participating!