I’m heading to Tokyo tomorrow to watch the Asia Open. Not participate, just watch. Turns out that my match would have been on Sunday, and I was flying out that afternoon, so I took the refund instead. But, I’ll be cheering on CupcakeArmbar!

I also decided to make blogger cards. This was thought of and executed in one evening. Please to be enjoying. On the back is the logo that Meerkatsudesigned!

jiujiubjj mtg blue version 1 jpg

It was challenging to distill my entire website into the bare essentials. I think that I captured the heart of it, though. The design clearly says I’m nerdy. The color shows my belt rank. Plus, super fun way to share my social media. Dear lord I love this.

My hope is to do some networking while I’m in Tokyo! I printed only 45. If you see me at the Asia Open, hit me up for a card!

JiuJiu’s Question: What would your BJJ: the Gathering card say about your site? If you make one, link it here!