I just signed up for my first affiliate program. This means that any time you click on this banner to buy BJJ gear, or use the code “jiujiu” when you check out – I get a percentage of the sale. I pay for this site’s hosting and domain out of my own pocket and buying from them helps you support what I’m doing here.

For me, which companies to partner with is a big deal. It means you’re representing them, but you’re also giving a thumbs up to what that company is doing. The Jiu Jitsu Shop wrote me and said they noticed they had done a poor job reaching out to women in the BJJ community and were looking to help remedy that. For me, that was a great sign. I agreed to help them under these conditions:

If you’ve been around my site, you will know that women’s issues in BJJ are really important to me. I’m so happy to connect my name with companies that are interested in helping promote women in BJJ. I choose not to associate with companies that sexualize or objectify women in BJJ. I didn’t see that on your site, so I hope it continues!

Right now for women’s gear they carry mostly Tatami and some Clinch – they said they’re looking to expand the women’s gear in the future. The men’s gear is much wider in scope. They do carry my FAVORITE rash guard of all times – the Tatami Phoenix – I wear a Medium.

In any case, if you would like to both buy gear AND help support my site, please click on the banner below OR use the code jiujiu when you check out.