Random Diet Check

I was reading Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void by Mary Roach. It mentioned something interesting:

A 10-ounce sirloin steak generates but a single ounce of, as they say in George Fahey’s lab, egesta. Best of all: the egg. “Few foods,” writes Franz J. Ingelfinger, a panelist at the 1964 Conference on Nutrition in Space and Related Waste Problems, “are digested and assimilated as completely as a hard-boiled egg.”

To be fair, I don’t think they were hard-boiled.

Overall my diet is pretty darn clean.

Drinks:Every day I drink plain coffee and water. I’m addicted to iced coffee – grind the coffee, put it in a pitcher, add cold water, stick it in the fridge overnight, voila! Lately I’ve started drinking a bit more milk, and I drink soda or juice MAYBE once every two weeks. Beer – maybe once per week, and only one bottle at that.

Bread/Rice/Pasta: Overall this is out of my diet. Thinking back on the last month I remember having one bowl of udon soup, but didn’t even eat half my noodles, I had one order of mandu (dumplings), one grilled cheese sandwich, half a bowl of shells & cheese. I think that’s it.

Sugar: Overall out of my diet. However, twice this month I did break down. Once was when my coworker gave me malted milk balls. Once was when I went to the theatre and got a little cookie and a bite sized chocolate bar and a bite sized Mike & Ikes.

I’ve noticed that my appetite has decreased, although I still have a strong desire to EAT. I fix that by preparing cucumbers and bell peppers and tomatoes. What I normally bring to work in the evening: a chicken breast with some laughing cow cheese, cucumbers/bell peppers/tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, and some times prunes or broccoli.

Tonight, I did go out for a beer with a coworker. They had these horrible little snacks that I just eat eat eat, and we had a “chicken salad” composed of random bits of fried chicken/fried egg rolls, pineapple, lettuce, and some dressing. And one beer.

It’s the random inconsistencies that are the reason I’m not losing as fast as I could. Note to self: set some strictness limits for yourself and stick to them.

So, random diet check – what have you been eating lately? What are the positives? What are the negatives? And what did you eat today?

  1. I don’t think I’ve been eating enough vegetables lately and need to be more creative with preparing them. I also have been eating more fatty and larger cuts of meat because I buy mostly around whats on sale.

    The upside is with it being summer and I’m new to California, I’ve been going nuts buying local fruit and eating around 4 servings+ a day.

    I admire how you’ve cut out sugar, only caving twice! I still sneak in cookies >__<

    • I lied! I had vietnamese coffee! I completely forgot! ^_^ I agree – about once a month I realize I’ve had a cookie deficiency and must fill the cookie meter.

      One thing I’m crazy for now: frozen blue berries in either milk or coconut milk. OM NOM DELICIOUS! And frozen bananas. I’ve been eating those like crazy.

  2. I try to keep my breakfast and lunch very basic and similar. Breakfast is usually two eggs fried in olive oil with 1/2 Avocado, mushrooms and spinach and one glass of water. Lunch is usually Turkey Sandwich with Cheese. Dinner is whatever my wife makes. Although today I did have Filipino Chicken Adobo and Lechon with a crap ton of rice for lunch. I need to bring mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. Especially nights that I go to BJJ.

    I’m impressed you don’t eat much rice, especially being in Korea.

    • I usually eat at home or prepare my food at home, and I honestly can’t remember the last time I made rice at home. I got rid of my rice maker because I simply didn’t use it. I think I maybe ate rice one time this month, but I can’t really remember when it was. Hmm…nope, can’t remember.
      Oh right – I forgot that I did eat Pho and had vietnamese coffee this month. Forgot about that!

  3. Ummm….everything in sight? Let’s see…corn muffins, blueberry muffins, Sun Chips, lemonade, cheese and crackers, a foofy Starbucks coffee, crunchy Cheetos, chocolate chips and walnuts . . . and that’s just today. i wish i had one quarter of your willpower.

  4. That chicken salad is…confusing.

    I’ve been doing better on semi-paleo. I took a break for a trip to Atlanta (every meal in the South must have carbs)m but passed up quite a bit of rice and grits. I’ve slipped back into sweet drinks (tea and lemonade) though I haven’t fallen back into the pit of McDonald’s sweet tea. Work lunches are quite good again…today and yesterday were roast pork and pineapple. Snacks are still sunflower seeds or cashews. Quite proud of passing up BurgerKing at the airport and instead going for a protein smoothie with banana and pineapple. I tripped up last night though. I was all excited about making guacamole with plantain chips, but my avocados weren’t ripe, so instead, I made pan de bono…tapioca flour=yay…corn meal=boo. Breakfast has consistently been protein shakes with banana, coconut milk and chocolate, and tonight I had an egg white omelet made with chives and some leftover rafute (learned it watching the Japanese chanel on vacation)

    Once again though, sugar is my weakness. Had Rice Krispie treats at work.

    • I’ve learned that anything with a vaguely western name in non-western parts is likely “confusing.” haha you learn to roll with the punches.

      Oh man my weakness is popsicles. I could seriously eat 10 per day without batting an eye.

  5. My diet is mostly cheese and chocolate (particularly in the morning: lovely chocolate cereal, it’s like eating biscuits drenched in milk :D). My vague concession to being healthy is eating a tin of soup for lunch at work.

    I’m probably going to have to rethink that now I’m past 30, as the metabolism is starting to slow down a little. BUT as long as I get enough jiu jitsu in the week, it means I can continue to stuff my face with crap.

    Although I guess I’m fairly healthy with liquids. I drink lots of water and an occasional orange juice. I also don’t drink much alcohol these days: got that almost entirely out of my system by binging my way through my undergraduate degree 1999-2002.

  6. I recently changed my morning/ afternoon from eating anything in sight (or anything that sounded good) back to controlled/ intermittent fasting, usually only consuming a protein shake for general purpose, but especially post-workouts. My dinners have been consisting of whatever I “feel” like eating at the time, and always end with dessert 😀

    I’ve stayed consistent at a body-weight of 200 lbs. (give or take) since I started fasting again a couple weeks ago, although my ideal weight is actually around 165-168. I’d rather stagnate than gain. I have every intention of committing to a fat-loss/ detoxification plan (one I used with great success last summer – it literally took me from 180 lbs. down to 168 in less than a month. Plus it’s safe/ healthy) on July 6 this year.

    Today I haven’t eaten anything, and won’t until after my workout. For din-din, it’s going to be a salad, steamed broccoli & carrots, baked chicken breast, and maybe a baked potato. As of right now, the positives of my current dietary approach are: more energy & feeling better in general (during the daytime – morning and afternoon hours). Negatives: not losing weight; stagnating at 200 lbs. But this will soon change 😉

  7. That chicken salad sounds awesome!
    I start my day off with a great breakfast: uncooked oatmeal in milk with semi-sweet chocolate chips and raisins, cranberries, or banana pieces, and with cottage cheese if I’ve remembered to keep it in stock. I think this tastes better without cottage cheese (or plain yogurt), but believe it’s good to have some protein in my breakfast. Perhaps I should just have a hard boiled egg instead. The oatmeal definitely keeps my cholesterol low. One egg a day probably wouldn’t hurt. Breakfast is the highlight of my healthy eating. I’m usually too lazy to meal plan and cook healthy for the rest of the day.
    I also drink a lot of milk and coffee.

  8. your pictures look amazing. Looks like you’re really toned now! I’m inspired to lose weight myself. I want to go down to 119 lbs. I don’t know how I can give up bread:( hahaha